Renovating Grade 2 Listed Buildings

Owning a listed property inherently instills a sense of pride in the owner; there is a desire to keep the original features but there is also the duty of care to ensure the building is maintained according to current building standards and legislation. Replacing windows or doors in a grade 2 listed building is becoming commonplace due to the benefits of having modernised fittings in terms of energy efficiency and also an improvement in the skill and craftsmanship in the work that takes place, as well as a changing shift in attitude that believes restoration is, in fact, an act of preservation, rather than one that serves to destroy the authenticity of the building.


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Replacing Heritage windows is not always easy. Glass Rooms provide a professional hand-holding service to ensure your planning application and installation run smoothly.


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The benefits of using Glass-rooms are:
  • Bespoke designs that are made to measure
  • A+ energy efficiency / thermal performance
  • Wide choice of colours and designs
  • Increased security
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Manufactured in Britain
  • Cash back on new installations
  • Environmental
  • Recycling of old windows

The benefits of upgrading are endless. Providing the work is undertaken by an approved and regulated contractor, there is huge potential to add value to the property. Not only this, there is an increasing focus on sustainable development; the effect on the environment in the long run is considered before any new builds are undertaken and it is imperative that the same care is taken when dealing with existing property. The reduction in energy consumption equates to lower costs for the property owner and improved insulation will noticeably lower noise pollution. Additionally, keeping a property well maintained by upgrading windows and doors can limit the risk of internal issues such as damp and condensation.

Clients that are keen to have works undertaken but are unsettled by the application and approval process will be expertly guided by Glass-rooms to ensure that all permissions have been secured before the project goes to site. With a bespoke approach to each client, input can be as involved as the customer wishes, working alongside our contractors every step of the way, or allowing our experienced team to take complete control.


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All of our products can be Made here in Britain by expert craftspeople, ensuring you can expect the highest standards of design and manufacturing.

There is a process that must be followed when replacing windows in heritage property. If the property is freehold, the local council must give permission before the work is carried out. A leaseholder wishing to make changes would need to gain the permission of both the freeholder and the council before embarking on any changes to the dwelling.

Changes that are made without the relevant consents and permissions should be avoided as the property owner may find themselves having to return the property back to its original state. Those unsettled by this fact should instead feel reassured that there is such an emphasis on retaining the authenticity of listed buildings, and that change to heritage property is regulated in this regard.

It is of no benefit to block works for no sound reason and a typical local council will give consent if the works do not have ‘Any adverse effect upon the special architectural or historic interest of the building or its setting, are appropriate in terms of design, scale, detailing and materials and minimise the loss of the historic fabric of the building.’


A listed building is a property that is part of the National Heritage program for its Historical Interest. All of theses amazing architectural structures must be maintained to a certain standard and it is solely owners responsibility and duty to ensure that it is kept to the standard required by the NH

In total there are approximately 376,000 listed buildings in England and Wales and they fall under three types of listed status:

Grade I: Only 2.5% of listed buildings fall under this category and are all buildings of exceptional interest.

Grade II*: Are particularly important buildings of more than special interest and these total around 5.5% of the total amount of listed buildings across the country.

Grade II: buildings that are of special architectural or historic interest, therefore warranting every effort from the owner to preserve them. These buildings make up the other 92% of listed buildings.


Replacing the Windows in your listed building is not as difficult as you would imagine, and the Glass Rooms project management team are here to help you at every step of the journey.

The first part of the process is to arrange for one of our specially trained project managers to visit you at your property and understand exactly what the options are.

The second, is to apply for consent from your local council who would initially need to make the decision whether or the not the character of the building will be affected because it is paramount all listed buildings are maintained under strict aesthetic regulations meaning the physical look must not be altered whatsoever.

When considering passing the works the council will want to ensure there is no negative affect towards the Special Architectural or Historic interest of the building or its surroundings. In addition, they will want to guarantee is replacement in terms of the materials being used, design and details to help avoid any loss of the historic fabric of the building.

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